I Put My Trust In You

In God we trust, I trust in God… how quickly are we ready to say that? Do we really mean it? To be honest, sometimes trust comes naturally to me, but other times, however, I have difficulty trusting. There are often good reasons not to trust–bad experiences, hurts of the past, knowledge of things and people, realism.

Better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in mortals. (Psalm 118:18)

Sometimes I find myself weak in trusting God. It is not because of God, it is because I trust rather myself, even more–my own intelligence, my experience, the things that give me security. Only when those things are taken away from me, do I realize what trusting God really means. One day, I came across this Psalm verse:

I put my trust in you. (Psalm 55:24)

The slight difference here is that I put my trust in God, which means, I do something. Trusting becomes an activity. I like that. I can do something for it. I am not condemned either to trust and to believe or to not have that trust at all. It is my decision whether I trust or not.

Well, how can I do it? Putting something somewhere means to give it out of my hands and leaving control to somebody else. I give my trust away, to Him. My trust now lies on Him, with Him. This little move makes trusting more concrete and lively for me. When I am distrustful, I try to take all my confidence and place it into God’s hands. We don’t know if God will do exactly what we want him to do, but He will never disappoint our trust. He will never misuse our trust. He will never fool us.

Lord, let me put my trust in you. You are great. You are merciful. You love me. I know you invite me to trust you, in little daily things as well as in the big things of my life. Strengthen my trust in you.

6 thoughts on “I Put My Trust In You

  1. Thank you. Could you address how we ‘remain’ in this place of trust? Perhaps in a future writing. Looking forward to reading your book. When we met a few years back for spiritual counseling, I took notes which I have lived by and found to be very useful and true. I drew the modern angel card.

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  2. A very good reading for today. It is so easy to Trust with the little things in life or when things are going good. It’s when the really “big, hard” things happen I seem to always hear God ask me, “ Do you really Trust me?

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mauritius. So true. If I manage to keep my eyes on him, I will not drown nor fall. It is only when I loose sight that I struggle. Lifelong exercise, I guess.

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  4. Vielen Dank für diese und für die früheren Gedanken. Sie kommen irgendwie immer zum richtigen Zeitpunkt und zum richtigen Thema. Sehr hilfreich!

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